"The biggest challenge in researching modern day quests is finding them. A quest is a long-term mission with a clear goal at the end."
— Chris Guillebeau

"Burning Snow of Rockwell" is the first ever made fanon series that was made by SuperlyAttachedGlitch77. It takes place at Adrora Fields of Rockwell in the Minecraft Universe. The main protagonists are Stampy, Squid, and Sqaishey.

Synopsis Edit

In Rockwell, it is not exactly a normal place. Lots of mysteries have started, rumors have been spread, legends have been spoken all over Rockwell. The Adrora Fields where all its mysteries began. Stampy, and his friends weren't aware about the events happening. Will they ever make it? Will they ever do something for the impact they have on everyone? Will there be... CAKE? FIND OUT!

Episodes Edit

Season 1 - All Comprehension Edit

Season 1A Edit

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date


Stampy, Sqaishey, and Squid goes camping in the forest of Varta. August 7, 2015

Perquisition at Varta

Stampy got lost and its up to Sqaishey and Squid to find him and the mysteries of the forest. August 8, 2015
Snap Cake

Snap! Cake!

Stampy and his friends tries to create the perfect cake by using extraordinary ingredients! August 11, 2015