"Hi everybody, my name is Hit the target, but you can just call me HTT which is short for my name, I'm not always the monster i'm today, i was just a kind and loving young child, my father loved me but except for my mother who was hated and jealous of me, she hated me, when i was really young she would bake me a cake but for some reason i always get really sick and i have to be rush to the hospital and while i was there my father for some reason would yell at my mum, i never knew why because i was too young to know. One day my mother taken me to an island, she taught me how to use a bow, which i enjoyed shooting a tree with my bow she given to me but when i turned around she was gone, i don't know when she had went all i could think of is my mother's loving light blue. I wander further into the plains and i saw some players i tried running up to them showing i was also a player like them but suddenly i tripped over grazing me knee. A Player ran over to help me up and taken me to a doctor, the doctor said i would be ok but i didn't have a home to go to, so he took me to ANOTHER doctor who said he would take me to where other special people like me go, but i don't see anyother special people that look like me, in fact, most of them were really younger then me. Finally i was older enough to leave and i met Stampylongnose, he was very nice to me but i wasn't that nice to him, i never been to a school or taught about being nice to other people. One day i grew jealous of how his world improved and i couldn't stand watching a couple of dogs die, so i decide to try to kidnap some of his dogs, i builded a hidden lair near Stampy's world but it was hard work but worth it! He tried capturing me a couple of times and pleading for me to stop but i knew better this was just him begging for mercy, so i just laughed and refuse to give in. Suddenly i grew lonely, so i invited an old friend i met when i was just a child, that was Veevadash! She was very nice and i grew to love the young and beauitful lady, she also hated Stampy just like me and she kinda grew to love potatoes because she was raise on a potato farm.. anyways that is the end of my story we also plan to give Stampy the most big surpise of his life! Heh, you know what i mean right?.....RIGHT!?!?!