lee in his old black x shirt
First Appearance: A cat with his own country
Last Appearance: Date night
Username: L for Lee X
Nicknames: leematoad, agent X
Gallery: "Unknown"
 Lee also known as Leematoad is the deuteragonist in the animated web series stampy and friends

Voice Actor Edit

  • Lee carson (2009-2013)
  • Jack erin (2013 onwards)

Trivia Edit

  • in the earlier years lee wore a black shirt with a white X on it referancing his username l for lee X
  • before 2013 lee carson voiced the character the he got arrested for being a pedophile jack erin then took over
  • in the earlier years lee was always reffered to as leematoad even by himself 
  • he takes a disliking to breadstick
  • lee is on the poster used for the announcement aritcal