Magic Animal is a website created joe and mike AKA stampy and breadstick in 2007 and it would be a website for them to post little short cartoons involving there characters they mad animated by breadstick eventually another person named lee carson joined the two as they were impressed with his bear characte lee in late 2008 in 2009 the website came home to the stampy and friends series and squid joined them to this day stampy and friends is what they upload on the site

Members of the Magic Animal Club 2007-2016 Edit

Stampy and Breadstick 2007-2008

Stampy Breadstick and Lee 2008-2009

Stampy Breadstick Lee and Squid 2009-2012

Stampy Lee and Squid 2012-2013

Stampy and Squid 3 months of 2013 due to lee carson being arrested

Stampy Lee and Squid 2013 onwards now with jack erin as the voice of Lee bear

History of the website Edit

in 2006 joe and his friend mike entered a character drawing competition on newgrounds joe entered a yellow humanoid cat named stampy and mike entered a blue ball suit man with no pupils or mouth named breadstick they won first place and mike thought that the characters were so cool that they should have a website based around them so they made the website with flash in 2007 and joe wrote a short that mike animated and bam the first short in deed was produced and started a legacy they thought that it was pretty cool so they made doing shorts on the website there thing

Pages on the website Edit




Breadsticks facts


Monthly Comics

Original Cartoons 2007-2008 Edit

In deed

New shoes


Lovely stroll

How hit the target stole Christmas

Catman 2: attack on matalico inc.

Breadstick laughing

3D toon



Catman saves an elevator


Lees first day


The sign

Catmans new sidekick

Old mac stampy had a farm

Hit the targets new groove

Stamp-anime vs hit-target

Stampy vs. breadstick

The old market

Origin story

Stampy and friends announcment

Games Edit

In there spare time stampy and breadstick made some interactive games including

Breadsticks musical coffee machine later made into stampys musical coffee machine

Stamp-anime comic creator

Stamp-animes super action fun times GO! game

Catman the video game

helicopter battle

obligatory racing game

Breadsticks facts Edit

Breadsticks facts was an old page on the website that was disactivated after he left when you clicked on it it would take you to a blank page where a static image of breadstick would tell you a random fact in a word bubble every time you clicked it it was different


Stampy is now the only original member of the site thats still on the site