Mine Den-O is a time traveling hero on the MinePlex time train. Hitshot is the secret identity of Mine Den-O. His 5 main forms are Plat Form (by himself), Cannon Form (possessed by his nice Imagin Creeper Mob Boss), Hammer Form (possessed by his other nice Imagin Fake TDM), Staff Form (possessed by Wizard Keen), and Chainsaw Form (possessed by his last nice Imagin Phydaux the server watchdog). He transforms by pressing a button on the Minecraft SetTouch belt (except for Plat Form) and scanning his Rider Pass on it.

Plat Form
Commander Video
Hitshot in Plat Form
Vital statistics
Position On the train of time
Age He will not let us say
Status Mine Den-O
Physical attributes
Height He will not let us say
Weight He will not let us say

He can use the K-VIPlex to be possessed by all four of his Imagins, or the Moderator Sword to activate Server Form all by himself.

Wizard Keen Edit

"We need a hero."
— Wizard Keen
Wizard Keen is the Wizard of the group. Possessing Hitshot, he can assume Mine Den-O Staff Form.