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"Pilot Part 1" is the 1st episode of the Pilots in Battle of The Parkour Games.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy, Squid and Ash got an invite to the Temple of Parkour, a place with all of the parkour games.

Plot Edit

Stampy woke up on a very nice day! A nice day in his lovely house!

Stampy: Hello New Day!

He does every he do in the morning: checking on his dogs, taking a shower, making sure he is not stinky, etc. When he checked the mail, there was nothing, but a piece of paper fell on his head. He grabbed the paper.

Stampy: What's this paper doing on my head? Hmmmmm...

He read the paper.

Stampy: It's an invitation for me, Squid, Ash!

He yelled "SQUID! ASH!" and Squid and Ash came to the voice of Stampy.

Squid: What is it Stampy?

Stampy: We've got an invitation.

Squid read the paper: If you are StampyCat, BallisticSquid, and AshDubh, you are invited to the Parkour Games in the Temple of Parkour. There are over 50 contestants in the game. So, are you in or not? - Parkour Master, Here's a map to show where the Temple is.

They saw the map.

Ash: 1000 miles!

Ash raged. Stampy was scared and too afraid to do parkour. Squid was smiling that he wanted to go the Temple.

Squid: I'm in! Who's with me?

Stampy: Nope.

Ash: Not for real.

Squid slap Stampy and Ash, making them losing a lot of hearts.

Stampy: Okay! Okay! We're in, just stop hitting us like we're almost dead.

They cooked some food. They crafted a boat to sail away to the Temple. When they've got to the Temple of Parkour, it was dangerous! Stampy felt like he's going to throw up.

Ash: Woaaaahhhh!

Squid: It's amazing!

Stampy: It's terrifying!

They stopped sailing at the stairs and went up and go inside the tip of the temple.

Ash: It's so dar-..Woaoh

All: Aaaaaaahhh!

There fell in the pit to the very bottom. They don't know what to do!

Stampy: Aaaaaahhh! I hate this temple!


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Features Edit

Helpers Edit

  • Stampy
  • Squid
  • Ash

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's House
  • Endless Sea
  • Temple of Parkour