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"Pilot Part 2" is the 2nd episode of the Pilots in Battle of The Parkour Games.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy, Squid, and Ash meets Parkour Master and starts their first challenge.

Plot Edit

To be continued...

Stampy, Squid, and Ash fell to the very bottom of the temple and water broke their fall. They found an entrance to the first challenge of the parkour games. The Parkour Master introduced himself in the first challenge.

Parkour Master: Welcome to The Parkour Games! I am the Parkour Master and I created the Temple of Parkour so everyone can race each other!

Ash: So how many contestants are there?

Parkour Master: Over a hundred.

Ash raged again. They started their first challenge, parkouring with water damage. Squid and Ash already finished and the other 96 finished, too. Only Stampy and DinoNuggyDinus, who will win?

Squid: Come on Stamps! You can do this!

Stampy: I can't! I'm bad at parkour!

Ash: How about if you momentum.

Squid: It's only 10 blocks.

Stampy: ...Uh I'll do it!

Stampy momentum a jumped all the way to the finish. DinoNuggyDinus only jumped one for a few seconds.

Stampy: I won? I won!

Squid: I knew you can do it!

Ash: And you momentum too!

Parkour Master: Dinus loses!

Dinus: I don't really care about these stuff. I just want meat.

DinoNuggyDinus walked away. Stampy, Squid, and Ash had gone to their new cabin and celebrated Stampy's parkour skills.

Features Edit

New Helpers Edit

  • Parkour Master

Locations Edit

  • Temple of Parkour