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First episode feburary 2nd 2009
Second episode feburary 18th 2009
Third episode march 6th 2009
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 stampy and friends is an animated web series produced by joeseph garret in 2009 (im pretending that his letsplay has went on since 2007) and its based off his minecraft letsplay series it follows the adventures of stampy lee squid and breadstick (formerly) and has been going on since 2009

Characters Edit


Lee A.K.A Leematoad


Breadstick (formerly)

hit the target

amy (minor character)

veeva dash (newer episodes)

santa clause (christmas episodes only)

easter bunny (easter episodes only)


Episodes Edit


A cat with his own country

breadstick blues

squidy needs a room

easter time

stampy and the missing cake

stampy's roof adventure

wheres leematoad?

the new nighbor is the new enemy

breadstick incorperated

the search for the pirate treasure 

stampy's lovely world televison

hit the targets evil arcade

ctrl + alt + delete

merry christmas part 1

merry christmas part 2


karate class

a starry night sky


hit the target vs. breadstick 


the tree of wonders

lovely world TeleVison 2

the perfect worlds

the girl next floor

stuck in the computer part 1

stuck in the computer part 2

christmas adventure


crock a doodle doo

the thingamabob

cruise time 1

cruise time 2


old mac stampy had a farm

stampina squidaria leematilda and breadstick


Best Friends Forever

hit the stampy and stampylongtarget

booby trapped

trick or treat

christmas in the lovely world 3


bye bye bread stick

under water adventure

happy easter

a trip through time

the 40 dollar bill

the sup secret

the origin of stampy cat

squids secret 


theres an app for everything

the fake out santa


cake mountain


easter hunt

lost in the mall

super stampy

the new toy

cat from the future

adventure land



zombie X

true horror


what ever happened to the easter bunny

the quest for pizza

party central

man in the window


christmas in the lovely world 6


old memmories 

game night

a new enemy

take flight

christmas 7: the reconning


squids lost his slippery

stampy no cake

date night

upcoming 2016 episodes

the wild wild best

breadstick returns part 1

breadstick returns part 2

Production information Edit

  • on august 9th 2008 joseph garret announced he was making an animated web series called stampy and friends
  • on december 8th 2008 joe made a seperate youtube account called stampy and friends
  • on janurary 19th 2009 the trailer for the show was released on the stampy and friends channel
  • on feburary 2nd 2009 the first episode was released

Trivia Edit

  • from 2009 to 2012 the lee character wore a black shirt with a white X on it possibaly refferancing his user name L for lee X 
  • after lee carson was arrested in 2013 the voice actor was replaced with jack erin
  • breadstick was a major character until 2012
  • lee and breadstick never really got along
  • earlier in the series they used to call lee leematoad

Cast Edit

joeseph garret as Stampy

Lee carson as leematoad (2009-2013)

Jack erin as lee (2013 onwards)

david spencer as squid

mike tran as breadstick (originally)

james krag as breadstick (breadstick returns)

joseph garret as hit the target

amy lee as veeva dash