"• ωє ρяσυ∂ℓу ѕєяνє.•"
— Founder, SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

The Stampylonghead Fanon Wiki is always in need in Helping Hands. These people below are the wiki's trusted people to ensure that the wiki is running smooth, and to be a good example to fellow FANDOM users. These are the official staff members of the Stampylonghead Fanon Wiki:


The founder is given bureaucrat status automatically at the time of this wiki's creation.

Avatar Name Status
SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 Inactive
Hi! I'm the 4th bureaucrat in this wiki (Stampylongnose Wiki). We assume for more better goals for this wiki to become better. Do not SWEAR and have an inappropriate behavior. I'M WATCHING YOU!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Most Active Bureaucrat and Blocker)

When to contact us

Contact an administrator immediately if:

-You spot inappropriate language, either in a page, comment or wall.

-You spot vandalism

-You wish to have action taken against a person for whatever reason

-You wish to have a page deleted for whatever reason

-You want to ask a question

When messaging us about language, vandalism, a person or a page, you must provide a link (eg. the name of the page, the name of the person, the IP of the person). We cannot warn or block someone if we don't know who they are.

Continuous Vandalism.
Large amounts of vandalism is coming from registered users every year. The kinds of vandalism are deleting important info in an article, or adding unnecessary info. Please undo or renew the edits if you can, to help restore the pages' info as soon as possible. Be sure to leave a message on an admin's or a bureaucrat's message wall with a link to the vandal.

For now, we do not need additional staff members due to this wiki being inactive. At the moment, Stampy Wiki bcrat RatchetInTheDino will be monitoring this wiki, albeit not having a staff position in the fanon wiki.

Thank you! :D

Stampy's Lovely Staff - Fanon Team