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First episode of Fight for Ursa Land. Takes place after Friends and Foes, episode 355 of Stampy's Lovely World.

Threat (FFUL)
Threat Episode 1
Veeva Fart
Release Date June 20, 2016
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Ursa Land, home of the bears, is just recovering from its second Hit the Target attack. No dogs were hurt, but the same could not be said for Ursa Lands citizens.

Chapter 1Edit

Coca Bear shoves an envelope inside his pack and walks out of his house. Just the day before, Hit the Target, an evil man who sets on stealing everyone's dogs for power, attacked Ursa Land and hurt many innocent citizens, including Joey.

She was running through the city, when suddenly, Hit the Target appeared. He fired his bow at three passerby's, and hits one of them. Joey grabs her swords and charges at HTT, but he knocked a Creeper towards her way and detonated it.

The explosion knocks her off her feet and severely injures her, he then detonated a large stack of TNT in front of a Vet. He stole 10 dogs before leaving the establishment, afterwards, he throws 2 Fire Charges at a nearby Park, but guards attack him and recover the dogs.

Cocoa: Hey Joey, are your legs okay?

Joey: Yes, I should be able to walk by tomorrow or some time this weekend.

Cocoa opens his pack and passes the envelope to her. She opens it.

Joey: Thank you Cocoa!

She props herself up on her elbows and hugs Cocoa. She lays back down.

Joey: Did anyone else get hurt? I heard a lot of commotion after I feel to the ground.

Cocoa: Yes, 9, including you.

Joey: That sucks.

Cocoa: And you got the worst of it.

Joey: Really?

Cocoa: Yep. You are the only one who is still in the hospital. It should be on the news, wanna take a look?

Joey stared at her legs for a moment and then turned to Cocoa.

Joey: Yes.

Cocoa: Okay!

Cocoa turned and the TV and switched from the Weather Channel to the News. The  Headline was: "HTT attacks Ursa Land for the second time this year!" and the desc. was: " Witness describes scene as 'chaotic'."

Anderdae  Copper (News Reporter): Although Hit the Target escaped without our dogs,we cannot say any good things about our citizens. 9 injured and 1 of them still in critical condition during an attack by Hit the Target.

The News cut to an interview of a witness at the scene

Ursa Land Citizen #1: I was walking around with my friends, then all hell broke loose. It was chaotic!

Joey began talking, so Cocoa paused the report.

Joey: That pretty much described what happened. 

Cocoa: I bet so.

Chapter 2Edit

Veeva Dash;